IMG_1442This is for you girls: The ones running meetings by day and rocking eyelashes by night. The girls who do the quick-change in their cars from gym clothes to work attire to the dinner-and-drinks ensemble. This is for the young, ambitious women who are running the world and looking damn good while doing it.

As a full-blown beauty and fashion-addict, I’ve been stalking blogs for years now. As an editor and lifestyle reporter, however, I found myself constantly cringing at the lack of quality content out there. I loved looking at all the pretty pictures, but I craved a blog and a brand with a little more soul and a larger understanding of a modern day 20-something girl’s life.

So, Girl & the Globe was born.

Here, you’ll find inspiration for being a badass boss babe and the ultimate glam girl (yes, at the same damn time!) from a gal who believes we should all work hard, play hard, travel far, eat well, love selflessly and do it all in style. News flash: You can care about how your mascara looks and still care about your career, your relationships and the big ol’ beautiful world around you.

Let’s play.

Talk to me: michelle@girlandtheglobe.com

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